Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This ones for you Aunt Lynda

A couple of weeks ago my Aunt Lynda and her mom came out to visit me and our little baby. They wanted to come and see him before he started getting to big. Since they were coming from the other side of town they thought they would stop to get me lunch. In my opinion, I gave very clear directions on how to get here. However, my Aunt Lynda would definitely disagree with me.

Anyway, the first time she called she said, "I think I missed the exit, I am on 306". I explained to her that she was only one exit away from me and that 306 was a good street to be on if she was planning to pick up lunch. She told me that she saw a McDonald's and I said, "perfect I would like a salad". I told her all she had to do to get to my house from there was to go back one exit from the way that she came. This is when the driving saga begins!!! She calls me back again and now is nowhere near were she was before. So I proceeded to instruct her on how to get back to the highway so that she could find my house. Mean while she is swearing up and down to me that there are no signs on the highway that say Lost Nation Road. At this point I am laughing so hard that I could swear my incision from the c-section was about to bust open.

They eventually made it to my house. We had a very nice visit and I appreciated them picking up lunch for me. You might ask why I am just now making this post. Well I couldn't help myself when I saw the four street signs from the highway that all say Lost Nation Road!!!

SEE!!! lol....

Street Sign #1

Street Sign #2

Street Sign #3

Street Sign #4

My Aunt Lynda and the baby!!!

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