Monday, July 7, 2008

Child's Development

Our child's development is beyond his age! According to Help me grow he should be able to hold his head erect, bobbing, when supported in sitting position, follow moving person with eyes, imitates or responds to smiling person, and vocalize. He does all of these things. Yay!!! In addition to the proper developmental stages that he has reached, he can also (the following things just started happening today!!!! Yipee!!!) roll on to his side, has begun reaching for objects, laughs out loud, and definitely enjoys play. Some of the developmental things that he has begun to do usually don't occur until about 4 months of age. Our son will be 10 weeks old tomorrow! He is off to a great start.

We had a little party in the living room today on the baby Einstein mat! Our baby was kicking, laughing, reaching, rolling, and smiling while mommy danced around and daddy played the guitar. This isn't the partying that my husband and I are used to by any means but it was one of the best parties ever!!! Here is our little guy touching his own head (he also discovered his ears today) and posing for the camera!


Christie O. said...

your blog is really coming along!!! i love it!! man that little boy is cute, look at that hair!! THAT HAIR!!

We love our baby einstein mat by the way, see that red bird in the picture on your mat? we have the actual bird (somewhere -- he is missing right at this moment) but we named him "Robert Redbird" and he was my first child's very favorite thing in the whole world for the longest time. That's awesome your little boy is doing so much so soon!! Our first did things wayyy behind because he was early, so when it came time for the next one to start doing things, we were amazed at how quickly it all was happening because he was on time! we weren't used to that!

maggie said...

You are clearly doing something way right, and I'm thrilled you are having fun, too!

Thank you also for your really sweet comments on my blog. It means a lot. :)

Motherhood for Dummies said...

wow, he really seems alert for 10 weeks! I think you have a brainiack on your hands! Nice job :)