Friday, July 11, 2008

Fat Ticker Friday

Yipee!!! Yipee!!! I lost two pounds this week. This challenge is flying by. I can't believe we only have two weeks left. I am half way to my goal of 10 pounds. Hopefully, I will be able to lose 5 more lbs in the next two weeks. This challenge has been so much fun and it has been a pleasure meeting some of my competition. Great job everyone and good luck in the next couple weeks!

Here is what I did this week:

1. Saturday- I ran 2.5 miles with dogs and three sets of stairs at the park.
2. Sunday- I ran 2.5 miles with dogs and two sets of stairs at the park.
3. Tuesday- I ran/walked 3 miles on treadmill (30 min. run at an incline of 3.5, walked 10 min.)
4. Wednesday- I walked 3 miles on street with baby.
5. Thursday- I walked 3 miles on street with baby.


Christie O. said...

awesome!! congrats to you!!! you did a lot this week, high five!

Danielle said...

It's funny that you say, high five! That was a thing that was huge when I was in high school. And apparently I still did it allot when my husband and I first met because he used to make fun of me... and he still does every once in awhile now!!! I love the high five! Thanks

maggie said...

Yay, 2 pounds! That is awesome. I'm kind of unofficially following along over at Christie's, but I'm really impressed with the success! I had a really good week, too, which just means that I stayed within my goals each day and even didn't go as nuts as I would have allowed myself on my free day. Here's another high five for you. :)

maggie said...

The collage for the pictures? Is at this link . Enjoy!