Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Possible Girlfriend #2

As usual, me and my little guy ran lots of errands today. First we dropped, KOA, our dog off at Pet Smart to get groomed. She is a beautiful German Shepard and these days she has not been looking very beautiful. KOA loves getting groomed. When we went back to pick her up she pranced around like, look at me!!! look at me!!! And she had the right to, she looked like a new dog. Here is a picture of her looking beautiful.

After we dropped the dog off to get groomed, we stopped at the post office. I mailed the book that I was supposed to mail for the book exchange. Hopefully, I will get some in return! My little guy was not very interested on the things going on around him at the post office. He decided that this would be the best place for his morning nap.

After the post office we made our way to Walgreen's for new dog beds. You might be thinking... they have dog beds at Walgreen's?? Yes they do and they're cheap!!! My dogs stay in the basement, which can get pretty dirty, so $10.00 dog beds are the way to go!

We made it home just in time or my little guy to eat and then we were off for a walk with my friend that lives through the woods from us. This is where possible girlfriend #2 comes in! My friend just had a baby girl in March... Yes, my son is already chasing after the older women!!! He didn't exactly get to scope the little hottie because he decided to take another nap... but don't worry they will meet again!!!

Isn't she adorable?

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