Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 4th Edition

Thirteen Things about Danielle

Here are thirteen TV shows that I enjoy watching. Don't get me wrong... I am definitely not a couch potato but with a new baby there is not much I can really do when he is sleeping other than play on the Internet, read, clean, or watch TV! I really suggest watching the video clip for the new game show Wipeout if you have not already watched the show on TV, it is halerious!!!

1. Wipeout! You never get sick of the people wiping out on the big balls!

2. So You Think You Can Dance

3. abc Primetime

4. Good Morning America

5. Regis and Kelly

6. Martha Stewart

7. Wheel of Fortune (and oldie but a goodie)

8. The Moment of Truth

9. Rob and Big

10. CSI: Las Vegas

11. CSI: Miami

12. A Baby Story (TLC)

13. Bringing Home Baby (TLC)

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Christie O. said...

i was obsessed with baby story when i was pregnant and bringing home baby shortly after my first was born. then they were all reruns and i realized how many of those i actually watched! haha! i love watching people fall down in wipeout. did you know the host john hensen was the same guy who did talk soup forever ago on E? i missed him so much!!!

maggie said...

I sometimes catch Moment of Truth, and I hate that I love it. Total train wreck TV and so hard to look away from it. :)