Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 5th Edition

Thirteen Things about Danielle

Thirteen things I am thankful for!

1. My family because I love them will all my heart.

2. My health because without good health I wouldn't be able to do the things that I am able and/or capable of doing.

3. My career because it is rewarding.

4. My home because it puts a roof over my head.

5. My friends because without friends I might not be sane.

6. My pool because on days like today there's no other place I'd rather be!!!

7. Being able to stay home with my son during the summer months.

8. My athletic ability.

9. My ability to forgive and forget because if I couldn't do that I would probably be a mean and spiteful person. And that I am not!

10. Food! I am sure we are all thankful for that.

11. My clothes even though I still don't fit into half of them.

12. The experiences that I have had throughout my life. Some have been good and I am sure we all have had our share of bad.

13. Being me!!!

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Always Been Different said...

I ALWAYS love it when people are thankful; about being who they are and this is coming from someone who has ALWAYS been thankful she is been different LOL!

Happy TT!

Christie O. said...

a pool! i'd be so thankful for that here in fla.