Monday, July 14, 2008

Family, Friends, and Fun!

We have had a busy couple of days. Saturday my girlfriend from high school and her husband, who we also went to high school with, came over to see our little baby. They have been wanting to come over for some time now and so we all decided Saturday would be a great day to get together. It was supposed to be sunny and hot outside (great day for a dip in the pool) but it wasn't instead it rained and we did not get to use the pool. We made the best out of our day anyway. We grilling brats, chit chatted, and hung out with the baby.

My high school buddies and my son.

Sunday went we to my sister-in-laws house for our nephew's 4th birthday party. It is so hard to believe that he is already four... the whole time we were there I just kept thinking our little guy will be four before we know it, time is already flying by.

Grandma Alberts and all the grand babies!

Today, two of my friends from work came over. They too have wanting to see the baby! My one friend brought her daughter over to go swimming in the pool (today was a great pool day). I think she had a really nice time. She asked if she could come back and I told her she could come over anytime.

Me, my friends daughter (who will be my son's helper at daycare :) ), and my son.


Motherhood for Dummies said...

isn't it always nice to reconnect with old friends. Espescially when there is something in common like children and such. I ahve really loved bound with my old friends especially now that we have children and families.

Christie O. said...

awww sounds like a really nice weekend! look at all them babies!!