Saturday, August 2, 2008

I Finally Had A Family Party!!!

Today my family came over for a cookout. We had burgers, brats, potato salad, pasta salad, devil eggs, pizza, dirt beans, and the list goes on.... We had way to much food but I am okay with that because we have dinner for the next two days at least! Everyone was so happy to see the baby. Our little guy finally got to meet his great Aunt Denise (who did a wonderful job watching and playing with him, as did grandma Mueller), and of course he has already met the rest of the family that came over today who included grandpa and grandma Mueller, Uncle Bob and his girlfriend Alli, great grandma and grandpa Schilling, and my Uncle Louie!!! It was so nice to have all of you over. I hope you had a nice time!!!

Aunt Denise, Grandma Mueller, and the guest of honor himself!!!
Aunt Denise, and Great Grandma Schilling!Me (did I ever tell you that I am 5'10?) and Tiny (Uncle Bob)!Great Grandpa Schilling!

Uncle Bob and the guest of honor!
Uncle Bob and his girlfriend Allie (I think they must have gotten a hold of my camera)!!!

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