Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mini Me

Today all three of us did the grocery shopping, it was definitely a nice change!!! We decided to stop at a little farmers market to get some fresh veggies (only to coat them with beer batter and fry them later, I'll let you know how they taste later YUM!!). We also thought it would be a good idea to bust out the Jeep baby carrier. I have to admit I was a little jealous that my husband wanted to sport the carrier with our cutie pie. They looked so cute walking around the market. Our son was just happy to have his hands in his mouth, it's tough to get a picture these days because of those hands. He thinks they are the best thing ever invented right now, so we'll go with it!

Here are my cutie pies!!!

And yes, our son is my husband's mini me. OMG!!! I'm in so much trouble!

After we stopped at the market, we made our way to BJ's wholesale club, Giant Eagle, and PetSmart. We had to stock up on everything while we had the time because like I've said now a million times, I go back to work next week (YUCK!!!). Needless to say, once I am back to work the weekly grocery shopping during the day will no longer be an option.

This is the first Saturday since our son has been born that we went shopping together as a family. We enjoyed our time together and plan on spending the rest of the day just hanging out!

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B Boys Mom said...

Very cute. Yes shopping with a little one can be a adventure.