Friday, August 8, 2008

Back to the nitty gritty!!! (Fat Ticker Friday)

Last week, I tried the whole walking thing after conversations with my husband and my dad on how running breaks down a woman's body. And I did not lose any weight... so this week I went back to the running. I guess you can say it is just natural for me! And I lost two pounds!!! Once I go back to work, I will be able to work out in the fitness center where I will have more options than just running. I am thinking about getting on the elliptical, its less stress on the body and well after having a baby lets just say I can't really afford to lose any more elasticity or should I say the little elasticity I have left.
ChristieO at has fat ticker Friday's back into effect! At least now I will be held accountable for the workouts I do and don't do and the foods I should eat and shouldn't eat. Thanks Christie!!!
Yesterday, I also stumbled upon another site that will help motivate me to stay on track. Leigh at holds a weigh in on Monday's. Her challenge/motivational weigh in is called Taking it off together Tuesday's, stop by and check out her site. As far as I know, there is no start and end date. Anyone can join just go to her site and let her know you would like to participate and she will send you the rules!

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