Friday, August 15, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 7th Edition (Better late than never!!)

Thirteen Things about Danielle

Having added a new addition to our family, it seems like the little storage space we had in our home is even smaller and tighter. So, I have decided that I want to have a garage sale. I just have to get motivated enough to actually go through our house room by room and collect the items I would like to sell. I am one of those people that hates clutter but yet my husband calls me a pack rat?? And maybe I am but I sure do know how to hide all of my stuff and that's the problem.... I ran out of hiding spaces/places. IT'S TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE (can you believe I actually went on the Internet to apply for that show?? Sadly, they are only based in the California area. Isn't that discrimination or something?)Here are thirteen items I have for my garage sale list!!!
1. Old coats. I have had some of these coats since high school. I think it is time to part with them!

2. Old shoes. Playing college basketball we got a lot of freebies... I probably have at least two pair of brand new high tops that I have never worn. They have to sell right?

3. Old knife set. We have two knife sets (and they are both old, we definitely need to get ride of one of them).

4. Vases. I know what your thinking... A woman can never have to many vases but when they take up a hole cabinet in the kitchen that can be used for baby items they have to go.

5. Old dish sets. I don't know if we really need to get rid of these but they are just sitting in a box in the basement, so bye bye old dish set.

6. Rollerblades. Okay these aren't in the best shape and I haven't use them in quit some time but a girl can try to sell them for something, even if its two dollars.

7. Tea towels. I am in desperate need of new towels.

8. Books. I never enjoyed reading but then all of a sudden around 28ish I started to read. Then I started buying books and now they just sit in a closet because I do not have a bookshelf or the room for a bookshelf to put them on. They must go! I need to start going to the library!!!

9. Carpet pieces. I couldn't tell you how many huge carpet pieces we have shoved in a closet,and laying across the garage beams and barn beams. We haven't used them and I don't think we are ever going to use them. What kid going to college wouldn't want a large piece of carpet to put in their dorm room?

10. Utensils. I need new utensils so bad... its not that mine are in poor condition its just that none of them match.. I hate that!

11. Duffel bags. Oh my holey duffel bags. I have so many duffel bags I don't know what to do with them. Its not like we are going to be traveling to far off places (I wish) any time soon. At least half of them are going in the sale!

12. Comforter sets. I have a thing about buying new comforters for my bed. I guess you can say I like to change the look up on the old bedroom now and again. I have plenty to spare and they are in good condition. And that means I get to buy new ones. YAY!!!

13. Shot glasses. I have way to many shoot glasses. Yes, I used to use them but these days they just take up a hole cabinet in the kitchen. I think it is safe to say that my husband and I won't be having to many crazy parties anymore with the new bambino in the house. Bye Bye Old Times!!!

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NurseExec said...

Wish I was there to get some of those carpet pieces--they're great for the dog crates!

Alice Audrey said...

I want some of those carpet pieces too! I have a floor that needs covering. It's the wrong size and shape for regular carpet, so I'm going to have to piece something together.