Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen Eighth Edition

Thirteen Things about Danielle

We are adjusting well to the whole daycare thing! Our little guy went from crying and looking at me like mommy please don't leave to okay you can leave now in one day. He seems to really enjoy being around the other kids, which I am grateful for! I however, wake up much much much earlier for work these days. I used to hit the snooze button a million times but I no longer have that option. I have been trying to get up by 5:15a.m. in order to get dressed, change and feed my boy, and maybe even have a cup of coffee before walking out the door by 6:30a.m.. So far so good, but in order to continue having happy smooth mornings there are many things I need to prepare ahead of time.

Here are thirteen things I need to do this weekend in preparation for the work week.

1. Restock our boys diaper bag with extra clothes and bibs (he goes through a million bibs, thank god I almost got a million from my showers)!

2. Packet my workout bag for Monday.

3. Iron my clothes for the week. About two years ago I started reading and ironing... that's when I new I was all grown up!!!

4. Go to the grocery store to buy lunch meat, fruits, and veggies for my lunches.

5. Reorganize car. Not only has having a baby taken up my house, all of his things have taken up most of the space in my car as well. And NO!!! I will not get a mini van, let me repeat that one I WILL NOT GET A MINI VAN!!!

6. Go through the traveling diaper bag to make sure I have everything I need for the baby in case we make a stop on the way home from work.

7. Do the laundry so that we all have fresh clean clothes (I hate this job the most)!

8. Vacuum my house (obviously this one has nothing to do with getting ready for the week but after working all week Christie's son could come sit on my floor and he would feel like he is at a buffet... you can take a look here to see what I am talking about).

9. Clean bathrooms.

10. Clean bathroom and kitchen floor.

11. Vacuum pool (well over due).

12. Box up the baby clothes that last a whole month.

13. And last but most importantly, spend the weekend enjoying my son because the work week will be here before we know it and back off to daycare he goes.

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1 comment:

ciara said...

haha @ not getting a minivan. we actually just bought one on sunday. we have 3 kids at home ages 13, 11, & 9...two are basically adult size and the other is close to it. they are always so cramped...then there's all activities that might need gear, when we travel all our crap is practically in our laps (the stuff that we need in the car or truck). suv's are o.k., but it's just as hard for grown kids to get in and out of it as a regular car.

you only have one child, right? def no need for a minivan...YET. LOL :)