Monday, August 11, 2008

We are all in one piece!

This past Saturday my husband and I went to the CASINO! Our little angel slept over grandma and grandpa Mueller's. They said that he was a joy to have (except for his usual fussy time before bed and even that was good because they love him) , there were no problems, and that he is just a really good baby, Oh and they love him ( I think I already said that but that's okay because they love him a lot)!!! And we love him a lot, that is why I couldn't sleep once we made our way back to the hotel after and evening of gambling. We definitely had fun (translation- WE WON!!!) and yes it was nice to get away and have some fun but I was up and ready to drive home by 7:00a.m. after going to bed at 2:00a.m.. I think my husband thought I was crazy but he didn't complain when I finally woke him up at 7:30a.m.. We eat the complimentary breakfast and were on our way home by 8:30a.m.. It's not that I didn't want to sleep in, because part of me really wanted to, but knowing that work starts in a week and I only have a few days left with my baby I just wanted to be home early so that we could still have a whole day with him. And we did!!! And we won!!! And we had our night away!!! And he had a great time at grandma and grandpa's!!! And we are all in one piece!!!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Whoo hoo for winning! Glad you had a nice time:)

renee said...

Grandma Mueller did not sleep at all either! I was to busy watching Eddy smiling in his sleep and cooing and suckling his was all too precious! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with the most beautiful baby in the world. Of course, Grandma and Grandpa Mueller took our nap from 2-4 in the afternoon and then proceeded to stay in bed all night and watch movies. I guess you can say "we were pooped!" Looking forward to our next visit already.