Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Taking it off together Tuesday

When I reported my loss to Leigh yesterday I had not gotten the chance to weigh myself... I am actually down another pound!!! YAY! So technically, our group has only gain a total of 1.3 pounds for the week. I know we will all keep working hard and eventually these last two weeks of group gains will become losses! Keep working!!! Good luck!

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Chris - 2 GAIN
Tammy - 1 LOSS
Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog - 0 CHANGE
Grace - no report yet
Leigh - 3.5 GAIN
Clara - 4 LOSS
Dette - 2 GAIN
Julie - 0.2 LOSS
Cheryl - 0 CHANGE
Audrey - 2 LOSS
Christy - 2 GAIN
Tina - no report yet
Danielle - 0 CHANGE
Jessie - 0 CHANGE

This week's total - 2.3 GAIN!

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ChupieandJ'smama said...

Oh I just love when they start getting their own personality! And we have BOAT.LOADS of Baby Einstein here so let me know what you have and we will forward the rest your way, otherwise I'm having a garage sale next week :)